Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Daily Draw, January 21: Wednesday Wondering...

Hump day, again, and this time I am feeling one of those astrally-provoked "nudges" to simply Pay Attention and not ask any particular question. When you formulate a question in your head, you immediately narrow the parameters of what you will notice, because what you see must, to be effective, be an "answer" to your question and thus fit into the box your words created when you asked it. Well--today, not so much. This is just a simple one-card draw without a question behind it, except maybe the open-ended statement, "Show Me!"

  And here is my answer, from the Tarot of the Old Path, the High Priestess. And since I asked to be 'shown', I am looking carefully at each and every symbol on the card. Her blue and floating garment represents to me the flow of wisdom and clarity, transparent and at peace, within the enlightened mind, She is surrounded by creatures of Nature, the doe she caresses representing new life, the silent black cat at her feet, a mystery-bearer, the unicorn crossing the stream (of consciousness?) behind her indicative of traveling between the arcane and the manifest, the birds and butterflies and snakes and rabbits representing all of the elemental directions, the spiderweb and the wood behind her representing community and interconnection, and her wand, crown, necklace and armlet representing differing manifestations of her personal power. Between a waxing and a waning moon she strides in an effortless and balanced manner into the happenings of her day, knowing she can change her direction should she care to, but actually interacting with calm and interest with each and every being who surrounds her. And the inverted triangle above her head leaped out at me as if it were an arrowhead, saying, "This is what you need to look at. This is whom you need to become today."

I asked to be shown....and now, I have a great deal to look at. Have a wondrous walk this day, and do likewise for your Self.