Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Daily Draw, Feb 3: "A Rowan-Tree, Witch!"

Today, at 4:09 pm MST, the Rowan Moon is full. The rowan tree is called the Quickbeam, or Quicken tree, as “Quick” means “alive.” Rowan represents the life of the forest, and is a magickal protection against evil spells. Rowan trees were planted at the doorways of houses in medieval times to prevent evil spirits from entering the house. The Rowan tree is long known for aid and protection against evil enchantment. The Rowan tree also indicates psychic protection and control of the senses from liars and self-delusion, and physical protection from those of ill-intent. The berries have a tiny pentagram on them. The pentagram is the ancient symbol of protection. Sticks of the Rowan were used to carve Runes on,and used to tie "Brighid's Crosses" with red thread to protect the Hearth.

At the Full Moon of Rowan it is a good time to inaugurate circles or covens, people with whom one can feel safe and protected as among kinfolk, in whose company one can explore other words. Full Moon lucid dreaming is also extremely effective during this moon. During the waning moon it is a time for intense personal and inner work. Work associated with Rowan includes seeing the fairies, meeting Guides and avatars, renewing personal shields, and doing trance and dream work. Creation of drinks and oils (“potions” refers to both) that will assist one in travel to other realms is also done during the Rowan Moon. Witches used Rowan to increase their psychic powers, for spells of healing, success, protection, and often used the wood for their magic wands.

So, today, blessings of psychic, physical, and internal protection against negativity is your blessing. A Rowan-tree, Witch! May you thrive!

Aisling the Bard