Monday, October 24, 2016

Tarot Witch: Daily Draw, Here We Go Again!

Well, Peeps, it appears that my issues with Blogger have been corrected, at least for the here we go again, card-a-day guidance from your TarotWitch.

Today--the Moon, in all her radiant glory...but watch out for the Devil peering out from under the light...The Moon represents the Light which comes out of Darkness, the Hidden Self, the parts of our own being which we can't see. The Hebrew letter, Koph, means "back of the head", a part of our own body we can't see without making some adjustments to the mirror. And the representation of the Moon is that we are sometimes prevented from seeing our Selves clearly by our own Shadow, our Distractions (the Devil), and our preconceptions. Moving out of the realm of the Self, we also see the Moon as representing the ways in which certain things offered to us by life and other people may appear to be one thing, but actually represent something else. So--today, watch out for deception, either self-generated or sent by outside forces, and decide to see your Self and your Life clearly, being careful of what may be hidden in the shadows. Have a clear, bright, authentic day, and Walk In Beauty!