Monday, April 9, 2012

Do What Is Right, Let The Consequence Follow...

April 9, 2012: Justice, Tarot Of The Old Path

This is obviously a card which in this deck corresponds to an air sign, as we can see by the use of yellow and orange in the figure's robe. In one hand he holds a set of scales, the symbol of Libra and of balance. In his other hand he holds the rune teiwaz/tiwaz, looking like an upright arrow. This rune represents responsibility, strength, stability and justice. Very appropriate here. Hanging around the figure's waist, on a chain, is a key. Perhaps it is the key to knowledge and justice?

The man stands on a patch of open ground before a large stone wall. The wall seems to suggest stability and tradition. Notice that it is covered with moss. It's obviously been around a while. Growing in the lower left corner of the card is coltsfoot, representing justice. On top of the wall sits a crane. In dream symbolism, a crane with wings spread is a good omen. Perhaps we can take this to mean that justice will be done, that good things will happen.

A stairway is built into and over the wall. It seems to lead into some sort of golden land. Perhaps this is a peaceful place, a land of justice. If you can pass the guardians by proving you are a just and balanced person, then maybe you will be able to gain entrance into this land.

Justice is about more then getting what is coming to you. It is a balance, it is fairness, it is order. It is recognizing and avoid temptation, and not taking unfair advantage of situations. You may be 10 minutes late for a meeting, but by speeding and driving recklessly you are doing yourself no favors. Justice is examining the situation and making the appropriate decision based on what you know to be right.

Justice does not just mean punishing one for what the other has suffered. True justice means ending, or preventing, the suffering of those who do not deserve it. There are so many people suffering in the world who cannot help themselves; they do not deserve what they suffer and freeing them is the justice that they deserve.

“The major lesson Justice offers is to accept the judgment as a result of decisions we make; we cannot get it right every time. This is the first step towards balancing the different parts of ourselves, the good and the bad. The Wheel of Fortune marks the middle of our journey. Some of us stay on the treadmill forever; some retreat, with fear as the prime culprit. It’s easy to understand those of us who stay where we are because the path is easier and far more comfortable. However, after Justice and acceptance of our karmic debt, we come to meet The Hanged Man…”

Kay Steventon, The Journey of The Spiral Tarot (1998)