Saturday, January 24, 2015

Daily Draw Jan 24: Just Throw It At Me....

Today we're using a very simple method of finding the card-of-the-day....simply using the random machinations of Fate, as in "what are you going to toss me this time?" Simply put, I shuffled all the cards at the same time, knowing something, or some things, would leap out at me, saying, "Me! Pick ME!"....

And of course, they did--two of them back to back at the same time. So, here we go:

From the Tarot Of The Old Path, the Page of Cauldrons. He is gazing steadfastly out at us, the fingers of one hand cradling the Cup of his emotions while the other hand drops three drops of water back within the cup, manifesting a full and deep emotional life which is nonetheless controlled and not running all over the place. His acanthus flower denotes the love of peace and beauty and life eternal to come...and today, that would be the emotional choice the Universe would have us make.

  Chief Seattle, primary advocate of the Native people, stands calm and quiet in the setting sun over the ocean at his back...his hair flows into the light, and the whale above him seems to be emitting a bolt of lightning that is heading for his eagle feather. He represents steadfast Earth energy, the joining of human and nature, the deep peace of quiet evenings and solid stone bedrock to one's emotional ocean.

Both these cards say the same thing to me--no surprises there. Listen before you speak, control your emotions and stand on a solid foundation in the vicissitudes of your day. I can DO that. Hope you can too!

Walk In Beauty,

Aisling the Bard