Monday, January 12, 2015

Daily Draw, January 12: The Pointing Finger

Again, Monday comes forth, bringing a whole new week in its wake. And although many of us may already have a packed calendar, it's essential that we not permit ourselves to become "buried in the bizzy" all week--no matter what we're doing, we need a directional marker to let us know what the week's SpiritWalk is going to be about. And yes, then, we also need a card-of-the-day to sharpen our focus as we begin the journey. So, two cards today, both selected on the basis of the already determined tides of the week to come. Let's take a look.

Card 1: Today's Map

It's 1/12/2015, which is numerologically a 21, which is 3. So we shuffle the deck, and draw the third card, to see what today will bring.

And here we have Brighid, the Daughter of Cups, gazing serenely out at us over the ancient power of Stonehenge, reminding us that all our "cups", i.e. our emotions, are full to overflowing when we consider our history, our ancestry and family, all those things that we hold to be dear and sacred. It's going to be about family and relationships today, about remembering where we come from and who we are. Hold fast the ancient and sacred connections with home, family, spirit, culture, and Self, no matter what comes up today.

Card 2: The Week's Journey

We select this card by counting down 7 cards from the one we just chose--the seven days of the week, taken as a unit.

  And once again, quite by chance, we end up with Stones, the suit of solid earth, manifestation, the mundane and the enduring Earth upon which we must live, and which influences everything we do. Chief Seattle, the Shamanic leader of the Northwestern Native American tribes, is gazing out at us with an expression that is at one time both challenging and steadfast. He's the Son of the Earth, the Advocate and Protector of all life that holds its place on the planet, human, animal, and plant life alike. And his message for us for the week is simple. Take care of what needs defending, hold on to what is precious, do not let our actions of the week in any way negatively impact Earth, Home, Family, or Self. Because no matter what the week brings forth for us, no matter what we choose to do about it--at week's end, we still have to live here. 

Walk In Beauty,

Aisling the Bard.