Sunday, April 8, 2012

You're Kidding, Right?

April 8, Easter Morning: Hare, Druid Animal Oracle

This has to be some kind of a cosmic joke, right? I do draw these cards at random, I do, I really do--and here we are, on Easter morning, drawing a BUNNY?? C'mon, Universe, you're freaking kidding me, right.....? Well---maybe not. Let's take a look...

You see, this isn't really the "Easter Bunny". It's more like the "Hare of Eostare"--and thereby lies a tale (or do I mean "tail"?) Because hares and bunny-rabbits are very different animals, and their meaning and focus in divination differs greatly. Here's the skinny.

Hares are native to Britain, unlike rabbits, which were introduced much later by the Romans for purposes of food and hunting. The lore of the 2 animals is very different, as are their habits - rabbits are sociable animals, living in large groups, whereas the Hare is solitary. Apart from the breeding season, the Hare is only seen by the light of the moon. Should he be disturbed by a nocturnal predator, such as a fox, he will use his great speed and maneuverability to escape.

The Hare, like the Moon, stands for birth, growth, reproduction, death and rebirth. It is sacred to gods and goddesses of the Moon, and the patterns in the Full Moon are sometimes thought to resemble a Hare. Celtic hunting and Moon deities were often shown holding Hares in their hands. The Moon shines in the darkness and is thus connected with intuitive knowledge and insight, powers the Celts also attributed to the Hare. Oh, and did I mention that today, Easter Sunday, is also the Full Moon in much of the world--magically speaking, it's the "second day of the full moon" just about everywhere. Yesterday, full here in Utah at 1:30 PM. No, there are no "coincidences", Padawan.

Young Hares are born with their eyes open and never again close them - or so it was believed - even to blink or sleep. Boudicca, the warrior queen of the Iceni, released a hare from beneath her cloak while making an invocation to the goddess Andraste (Victory) to predict the outcome of her battles against the Romans. Hare is watchful and wary--look at this fella on the card gazing over his shoulder. And yes, he's looking at you.

If Hare comes bounding into your cards today, he is telling you that this is the time to break free of restrictions, and be unconventional. The March Hare, if you'll recall, was touched by a
"divine madness" that urged him to express his inner passions. Alice's "Mad Hatter" was also, if you remember, in company of a March Hare, and no, it wasn't the White Rabbit. This card indicates a time of chaos, which clears the way for something new and sudden. On a spiritual level, the Hare is sacred to the gods and goddesses of renewal, the return of spring, and the rising of the sun each morning. You have been thru a dark and barren time, but Hare brings you new and joyful insights and experiences, a time of optimism and fun.
So go hunt those eggs--you're being reborn today, despite the furry flurry around you. Have a little Hare today--maybe "Hare" of the dog....And Happy Easter Bunny. Or something...