Wednesday, April 4, 2012

White Light...

April 4, 2012: Lizard, Druid Animal Oracle

Today our Animal totem is "Lizard". For the Celts, the Lizard was an animal of the sun, a representative of midsummer's magic. Its name in Welsh (lleufer) and Gaelic (Luachair) associate it with white light. Lizards are also emblems of resurrection. Some ancient authorities thought they hibernated during the cold winter, going blind, then emerged in the spring warmth climbing an east facing wall and looking into the sunshine, which restored their eyesight. In addition, the Lizard is able to break off its tail, which writhes and distracts predators long enough to allow the Lizard to make its escape. The Lizard can only do this once, as the regenerated tissue is formed from cartilage rather than bone. But its seminal change of being gives it an opportunity for rebirth.

The Irish once believed that a person who licked a Lizard all over would be able to heal sores with his or her tongue. The Shaman believes that Lizard guards the gate of dreaming. He may be advising you that studying your dreams will be useful. You might begin today to keep a book by the side of your bed, and record what you recall of your dreams as soon as you awake, even if it is only a feeling or impression that you remember. Lizard is inviting you to experience your own "new life", the one you live within your subconscious mind.

Lizard is a master of all arts of divination. If you want to use Tarot cards, oracles, runestones, or the scrying mirror, you need the magic of lizard. He teaches you the art of being able to shift the consciousness just enough to see as the seer does.
Small, unobtrusive, and yet able to insert himself seamlessly almost anywhere he wishes to go, Lizard is the avatar of the unexpected, the constant thread of change and surprise that is the earmark of the awakened life. Welcome Lizard into your life today, and see where he might lead you.