Thursday, November 3, 2016

Daily Draw, Nov. 3: Playing It By The Numbers

I somehow feel the numerical energy of this day is significant, so this draw was numerically sourced. The numerological value of 11/3/2016 is a 5, so fifth card down in the shuffled deck will have something to tell us. Here goes....
 The Empress is the Triple Goddess, the Mother of Life, the divine symbol of the constant renewal of Nature, which is symbolized by the presence of the traditional energies of Land, Sea, and Sky in the picture. She is a symbol of passion, of reverence for life, of motherhood and joy in caregiving, and of the intersection of the powers of the Inner Self with the powers of the Realms of Nature. So, today, my friends, Be the Empress. Take joy in what you love and care about. Interact with Nature and the world around you. Look clearly and watch carefully what is presented to you, and remember you are the doorway to your own success in life. You stand between the realms, always, and what you care about and focus on will become your truth and reality. Walk in Beauty!