Friday, January 27, 2012

We Circle Around...

January 27, 2012: Six of Discs, Utah Maninni Two Tarot

This card was created for the second iteration of the Maninni Tarot here in Utah, by my friend Trish, who has since ;( moved to Pennsylvania with her new hubby. Here's her description of the card: 

"Thinking of Discs as "circles" here, this card shows, superimposed on a map of the SL Valley Canyons, six of the places where Utah Pagans have held "circles." Since there is no up or down with a circle, and since the traditional meaning of this card is about sharing with others, I choose to only offer an upright interpretation, and that interpretation is ....."Circles of community"

I like what Trish has to say here, because somehow community is a focus for me at this time of the year. Not only are we coming up on Imbolc, which features, for me, the blessing of the Hearth and the renewal of bonds with friends and family, but the first anniversary of our wonderful new community center, Crone's Hollow, is upcoming. Over the years, as well, my definition of Community, thinking like a Witch, has expanded and changed. So--this card, for today, says to me:

"What communities have you built for yourself, and how do you fill your place and maintain your standing in these communities? How are you serving your community? What do you see as the needs of your community--and what are you going to do about it?"

You are the center of your circle. How is it spinning?