Friday, June 21, 2019

Tarot Blog Hop. Litha 2019: Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

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I have discovered, over many years of reading cards, that the timing of the spread and interpretation will, whether or not I intend it that way, definitely interact with Spirit so that the cards drawn for a given question will be vastly different depending on what time of the day they are drawn. For this blog hop, I have done a reading on a specific question for myself, and I took the deck and let it sit out under the full of the moon and then drew my cards first thing in the morning, high noon, sunset, and midnight. Same question each time, two cards each draw, like this:

"Should I, or should I not, continue as a member of ________? First card is "If I do, then this." Second card is, "If I don't, then this." Here is what Spirit told me:

First Draw, Sunrise:

If I do, then I will be discovering things about my own path that I otherwise will miss.

If I don't, something will become a disappointment to me.


Second Draw, High Noon:

If I do, there is likely to be a chance I will not be able to do something else I wish to accomplish.

If  I don't, I will be given the courage to move forward in another path.


Third Draw, Sunset

If I do, then I will not succeed, but will be defeated, at something I am already beginning to do because I am a member of _______________.

If  I don't, then I will be able to create a new foundation and move forward in a different way. 


Fourth Draw, Midnight

If I do, the things I am in the process of doing for myself will be completed in exactly the perfect manner to assist me. 
If I don't, that "new foundation" I am wishing to build will hold me still, prevent me from moving forward, and I will not be able to complete the things I currently am doing.


It was uncannily precise, and let me know that the time of day and what it does for my personal energy was a real component not only of what cards were drawn, but of what I interpreted them to mean. I have decided, and I know that the cards were highly instrumental in assisting me to make my decision. Hope you too can find the "right time" to get your own personal "right answer". It works.

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  1. What an interesting concept! Do you ever get the same cards?

    1. ooo, good question. I'd like to know this too :)

  2. Wow, great practice and a very interesting take on timing. I always felt like there was a "right time" for a question, but I never tried it out to this degree. I'll have to try this out.

  3. I love this experiment! I'm curious, since these readings seem conflicting in some ways: did you find that they were all correct in their way? Or did you intuit that one was more correct and therefore that is the best time for you to consult your cards?