Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tarot Blog Hop, Imbolc 2017: Planting the Seeds of Change--It's All ACES!

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And here we have it, the beginning of the new growth of our 2017 Spring, what will be the energies of this season, and what are we growing here? Well....beginnings start with zero, as we buried the past and invoked the future at the Winter Solstice, and then we decide what "one" is, as we choose and plant the seeds of our new growth... And so, here ya go:

Growth of Mind:
Air is the source of the word 'inspiration', which literally means "to breathe in". And our first seed of change must be a decision--about what do I need to think here and on what must I focus?

Growth of Will: 
Fire is the burning desire to do what we Will, the concept of passionate dedication. In this "light". we see the path before us, as we decide, of all those thoughts, which one is our Flame?

Growth of Understanding:
In our emotions and feelings is the place where we nurture our desires and come up with the reasons why things matter to us. And without that focus, we cannot decide what to do about things, but when we fill the Cup of our love and care with our Intent, we can create the potion of action.

Growth of Being:

And so, finally, here we are at the place where we manifest what we have thought, desired, and nurtured with our cardinal abilities. And so, now, the cold, firm foundation of real change is being built in our destiny. We have created our reality, by thought, will, desire, and action. And for us, now, the future is planted and determined...and it really IS "all Aces"!

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  1. Wow, Aisling, which deck is that? :) Beautiful Aces, very strong vibes, that Ace of Coins so much talks to me, also the Sword Ace!

  2. That is the Haindl Tarot. My primary deck.

  3. I like the word you've chosen for each: mind, will, understanding and being. I must remember those. I've been working with the Haindl again after a long break - nice to see the Aces here. Thank you!

  4. Nice analysis of the Aces! I'm enjoying previewing those cards from a variety of decks.

  5. Yes, really like the words you chose and the progress from air to earth as we contemplate our plantings in the longer light of the sun. :)

  6. Lovely summation of those Ace energies, there, Aisling! :) really like the deck, that Ace of Cups, with its swirling energies is beautiful and vibrant! :)

  7. I like the way you build on the aces for this. :D