Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Daily Draw January 13: Expect the Unexpected

Today we are once again letting Wyrd have hir Way--it is the 13th, and for many that is either an inauspicious or a highly auspicious number. So here we decide not to control our draw in any way, except to let it happen and interpret its meaning.

Shuffling, letting the cards fall where they may, in answer to two questions:

What does Fate have in store for me today?

  The Ace of Cups in the Haindl Tarot is the Holy Grail, The cup seems to be forming before our eyes, with golden light and water spiraling upwards into the shape of a cup. Rachel Pollack, in her associated books on the Haindl, says this symbolizes evolution, “the spirit rising through its experiences to a higher level”. As the Holy Grail, the Ace of Cups seems to represent both the end point as well as the beginning. It is both the thing that we seek and the call to seek it. It calls us to begin our own personal Grail quest on this day. As the Grail turns, it gives off water mixed with light. This too symbolizes the idea of development. The emotions – water – become “enlightened”. A personal Grail quest shows us the truth in our lives.

What am I supposed to do about it?