Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Daily Draw, Jan 14: Point of Balance

Here we are once again, climbing the 'hump' of midweek. Seems as if we just began this week's journey, and we're halfway there--but do we really know where we're going? Some of us do, and some of us are still wondering. So, today being Hump Day with a clear vantage point from which to look both backwards and forwards, let's do that. Let's examine the balance of the days past compared with the days to come, and decide to what we ought to be Paying Attention.

This task will lead us to a four-card draw, representing the four tools with which we navigate our lives, mind, will, body, and emotions. Let's look at the meaning of each card, look back at this week so far, and forward at the days to come, and decide how to keep these tools in balance to achieve our most successful outcome.

Mind: What Inspires Me?

  Here's Osiris, the Prince of Swords, and even the image on this card is a perfect avatar of "balance". The eyes gaze deeply into your mind, prompting you to "look at yourself" and examine what you are thinking, why, what it might mean. In one hand the flail and in the other the crook, the balance between what must be driven out of your mind because it doesn't serve, and what should be gathered in because it does. And those swords, themselves an avatar of careful selection, this but not that, discrimination between what is worth thinking and keeping and what should not be given headroom. So--follow the inspiration of Osiris, and balance your mind.

Will; What Is My Will?