Sunday, May 24, 2015

Daily Draw, May 24...What Do You Know?

(NOTE: Have had some issues with this platform, so the Daily Draw hasn't been happening. Think we have it fixed so we're going to try again. Apologies to those who have been waiting...We're BAAAAAAACK!)

Today's random draw was in response to the question..."What will serve me today?" and we received this:

   The eight of stones in the Haindl Tarot has a view of a rocky cliff, and the stones are suspending themselves in midair in front of the dusty, barren landscape. But, you may say, looking at the picture, I only see seven stones...look again. On the right. See that transparent bubble? That is number 8, and it's reminding you that knowledge is not "solid, static, fixed". Knowledge is evolution. It's change. It's informing yourself about things as a process, not as a fixed, cut-and-dried, "this is it, so there" attitude. Your I Ching hexagram on this card reinforces that idea, being Tun, "Retreat", whose energy is phrased "Heaven Above Mountain", and which reminds you that small, seemingly insignificant things are the gateway to success. The barrenness of the landscape behind the stones is the empty mind, waiting for the impact of new ideas and understandings. Be still and listen. Learn, become. Let knowledge fill you today, and know you will grow from this process.