Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Daily Draw, Something Simple This Way Comes

Today's draw is the Nine of Stones, which represents a solid foundation for financial stability, as well as reminding us that our finances are only one part of our material success...notice the background of sea, sky, and the stones themselves representing land, the three elemental energies as seen from a Druidic perspective--we are being cautioned to connect our financial stability with our intentions, our actions, and our interaction with Deity and Spirit, so that financial gain does not become an end in itself but a tool to assist us in creating a more positive and beneficial life for ourselves and those with whom we share our lives.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Tarot Witch: Daily Draw, Here We Go Again!

Well, Peeps, it appears that my issues with Blogger have been corrected, at least for the present...so here we go again, card-a-day guidance from your TarotWitch.

Today--the Moon, in all her radiant glory...but watch out for the Devil peering out from under the light...The Moon represents the Light which comes out of Darkness, the Hidden Self, the parts of our own being which we can't see. The Hebrew letter, Koph, means "back of the head", a part of our own body we can't see without making some adjustments to the mirror. And the representation of the Moon is that we are sometimes prevented from seeing our Selves clearly by our own Shadow, our Distractions (the Devil), and our preconceptions. Moving out of the realm of the Self, we also see the Moon as representing the ways in which certain things offered to us by life and other people may appear to be one thing, but actually represent something else. So--today, watch out for deception, either self-generated or sent by outside forces, and decide to see your Self and your Life clearly, being careful of what may be hidden in the shadows. Have a clear, bright, authentic day, and Walk In Beauty!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Tarot Blog Hop, Mabon 2016: Foodies Guide to the Tarot--Lunch With Mabon and Modron

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Well, here we have a lovely autumn day, a wee bit of rain, but that's to be expected in the Fall, and a picnic with Mabon and Modron, the God and Goddess of the harvest and the guardians of personal transformation. Mabon, the Emperor, brought fruit salad--see him standing beneath the Tree of Life, which bears apples, grapes, and all kinds of other good autumnal fruits, from some of which he also crafted the mead he brewed for us to sip. He is welcoming us to his beautiful forest, where the autumn leaves are changing, and inviting us to sit and sip some mead and enjoy the fruits of his labors, as well as collecting, surveying, and applying the fruits of our own.
And there with him is our lovely Empress, the great Mother Modron, just coming off the moon-barge that has carried her into the sea where she has caught our fish, crabs, lobsters and all the other delights of our seafood salad to complete the meal. The all-seeing eye and the snake wrapped comfortably around her arm are there to remind us that after we enjoy and digest this autumnal feast, we will also be transformed, in many unique and positive ways, creating our own inner feast of our deep and sacred Self. Use this time of year, and the guidance of the Great Mother, to see within the Self, change the skin while keeping the essence, and become more than one was the prior years. But for now, there's seafood salad, fruit salad, and fresh mead, and the Empress and Emperor to host and entertain us. Let's eat!

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Monday, August 1, 2016

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Tarot Blog Hop, Lughnassadh 2016: A Union Of Opposites

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I look at the image on the Emperor card in the Haindl Tarot, and immediately I see opposing energies being displayed, specifically, the contrast between the traditional view of the Emperor and the images Haindl has chosen to use. One sees a naked man standing in front of a rugged-looking tree, holding a ball and a stick or wand, and with a look on his face that seems to say "where do I go now and what do I do?" This is as far as one can get from the traditional image and intent of the Emperor as depicted in more traditional decks, such as Ryder-Waite, those cards showing a king seated in his power and prosperity on his throne, gazing with a look of authority at all who see his robes, his demeanor and the top-of-the-mountain placement of his position. Haindl's Emperor, on the other hand, seems to be looking to Nature and also within his stark-naked and vulnerable Self for guidance as to his next step.

And yet, if one looks deeply into the details of the card, one will see that the intent of Haindl's version of the Emperor is to depict the exact energies we seek out in this Hop, the energy of ability, strength, power and purpose combined with the energy of vulnerability, connection, uncertainty and indecision. In order to interpret this dichotomy, one must look deeply at all the details of the card, so let's do that.

The first thing one notices is the presence of the tree with its overwhelming height and intricately interwoven branches. The tree is the sacred tree Yggdrasil, the world tree of Scandinavian myth, with its roots deep in the mysterious origins of life and its branches reaching up to the stars and beyond. One must know a bit about Scandinavian mythos to be aware that the tree is usually considered to be an Ash tree, which in all the mythos of tree lore from many cultures holds the meaning of "take your Power", and it is easy to see the possibility of Haindl intending that the Emperor seem to be actually emerging from beneath the Tree, having within his grasp both the sceptre of his kingly position and the golden ball denoting the riches of his world. Even in his vulnerability, expressed by his nakedness in the shadow of the World Tree, it does appear that he holds Power and can be seen to be embarking on a journey of complete rulership over his world.

However, if one looks carefully, it is clear that the rod in his hand is the same in its denotation as the one held by, and therefore probably was the one he received from, the Empress. This seems to suggest that his supposed almighty power is drawn both from the energies of the World Tree, i.e. the empowerment of all his foundations, as well as from his connection with the Great Mother, who is also probably, in this deck, the female in his life, his Empress. The gold ball he holds in his other hand symbolizes the material world, the riches of his position...but he is not in his golden, luxurious court and he is not surveying a pile of gold as would a ruling king. No, in this case, the gold is simply potential, and the ball is perhaps something he will journey to achieve, but the riches it may signify are certainly not present in his natural state. This depiction of the Emperor shows him as simply another human being, walking in his true form and natural colors through the domain of the Gods, bringing to bear his own vulnerability as he journeys forth to create his Will (the rod) and seek his destiny (the ball), but in his current state his power and position are potential, not yet realized, and it will be his journey that creates his lordliness. Haindl has successfully depicted the Emperor as the exact opposite of his traditional meaning, not "power over" but "power within", not lordliness over the riches of the world but a simple connection with the riches of existence, and the inner Being denoted by his nakedness expressing his human vulnerability which is a determining factor in his power and position. A union of opposites, indeed!

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Daily Draw: What Is My Best Choice?

Today's draw is from the Fairy-Fire Oracle, and it is the Avatar of Ancient Wisdom...telling us that today, at least one situation will come up that we have had to deal with over and over again in many lifetimes. We look back and realize that even though this is a repeated situation, each time it occurs we have to choose slightly differently, depending on the circumstance. So we ask ourselves: Who am I really, and how do I want this to turn out? And then the kicker....what is the lesson here for me? Why do I have to deal with this so repeatedly, and what might I need to do to make this situation stop recurring in my life? Don't worry, friend, the Dragons and the Sidhe are watching out for you, and you KNOW how to do this--after all, you've done it before, yes? So--go for it, and figure out what the Universe is trying to teach you about your Self. If you go with your inner intuition, you can't do it wrong.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 2016 Tarot Blog Hop: Not Just Junk, But Image-ination!

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June 2016 Blog Hop....Junk Mail Tarot

Here is a photo sent to me years ago in advertising for the 2002 Winter Olympics held here in Salt Lake City Utah. I used it to create a card for our Maninni Project, and feel that the actual images on the card already represented the tarot meaning even when the photo was supposed to be merely advertising.


This is a photo of the Olympic Torch which still stands today at the gateway of the U of U athletic field. I superimposed it on a photo of the winter flow of Millcreek, and it represents the flame which remains burning even in the time of the dark. The original photo was this view  of the flags set up at the opening ceremony, and a reminder of the beauty of Utah's Snow Season, which "we will now share with the world". In my opinion the concept of the Olympics and the idea of the Ace of Blades are quite congruent, so I figured this card was supposed to happen. For me, blades are fire, the will, the rising of the need from the inner Being to manifest with action as the Sun rises in the sky. The Ace is the beginning of the True Will, as defined "what do I NEED, not WANT, to do?" and therefore the snow and ice, the flux and flow of what is already there and the tempering power of Water on Fire so that one's own Inner Power does not become Power Over, are all manifested in the card. You, too, will have opportunities to kindle the Fire of your own True Will, and will, and may already have, understood the connection between the flame and the flow. Think about it. How has it worked for you? Hope you enjoy the memories.

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