Monday, February 9, 2015

Daily Draw, Feb 9: Riding the UniCycle....

Today is February 9, or 9/2/2015. That comes out to a 19, which in numerological terms is 10. So--a one, and a zero. An end, and a beginning. On our life's journey, we follow the twisted path on our very own "Unicycle", with our Selves being the Uni, the One, the unity, the focus of our YOUniverse, and with each and every day taking us further on the journey--until. Until, periodically, at regular intervals, we complete a cycle and start a new one, often without our even realizing it is happening. So, friends, let's begin to Pay Attention to the dance of the days, and realize that we are finishing, and beginning, many things, all the time, often without noticing. I have a challenge for you--each and every time the numerological value of a given date comes out a 10, a number that denotes both a completion and a new beginning, draw two cards for your Self--what have I completed, at least for this last cycle, and what is now beginning? Let's do that now, and see where we are.

Card 1: the value of 10--Completion

  The cup seems to be forming before our eyes, with golden light and water spiraling upwards into the shape of a cup. Rachel Pollack, Haindl's chosen author of the books explaining the mysteries of his Tarot deck,  says this symbolizes our personal evolution, “the spirit rising through its experiences to a higher level”. As the Holy Grail, the Ace of Cups seems to  represent the completion of the number 10, which is both the beginning spiral and the end point of the quest. It is both the thing that we seek and the call to seek it. It calls us to begin our own personal Grail quest. And drawing this card tells us that we have achieved a crux point in our endeavors to seek within our Selves the Holy Grail of our own Being, and that we are ready to begin the next phase of the journey.

Card 2: the 1 and the 0...The New Beginning