Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Daily Draw, January 7: What Do The Fae Say?

Today is "Hump Day", the middle of the week, where we have a few days to look back upon, and a few to look forward to before the commencement of the following week. It is a time when people feel themselves beginning to 'get there' as regards their goals for the week, but also wonder how they're doing, and look at what is to come with either anticipation or trepidation. So--let's see, today, what's behind and what's before, to assess how we're doing and get some focus for what's to come.

Today's draw uses the Faery-Fire Oracle, a tool of my own creation, and works with the Realms of the Sidhe and Irish Faery-Lore.  We're drawing two cards, a look back and a look forward, to see what we will learn from the Fae-Folk about our progress and our upcoming journey. Here we go....

Card 1: Looking Back: Ocean Moon Faery, Flux and Flow, Fortune and Fate