Sunday, January 4, 2015

Daily Draw, Jan. 4: Full Moon of Birch--A New Beginning....

Today the Moon is full at 9:53 pm MST, and it is the Birch Moon, the symbol of cleansing, as with a Birch Besom, and ridding ourselves of old baggage, as well as the new beginning, the white bark an unwritten page to fill with what we Will. The entire cycle of the Birch Moon deals with different aspects of the process of beginning or newness, in ideas, in mundane life, in personal practice and elsewhere. The Dark Moon of Birch is a time of inner contemplation, of focus and determination. Here is where “new ideas” become paramount. The Waxing Moon of Birch gives flesh to the ideas, and makes it possible for plans to be drawn from these, so that some manifestation of the new idea may be created. On the Full Moon of Birch it is traditional to ritualize the ideas and plans of the new phase of one’s life…this is the tradition which has given rise to the mundane practice of making New Year’s Resolutions. The Waning Birch Moon has a particular focus…that of aligning the internal psyche, known as the Inner Child, with the need for accepting the proposed changes and new foci of personal growth and development.

So today we will honor the four stations of the Birch Lunar cycle with a four-card draw, using the meanings of the phases of this Moon Tree.

Dark Moon Card: What should I be focusing on? What is the underlying intent of my new cycle?