Thursday, January 22, 2015

Daily Draw, Jan 22: Who Are You, Anyhoo?

In many Tarot classes or books, one is told of the "significator", the card which represents the person for whom the reading is being done. Many people change their significator monthly or yearly, or with the individual reading, or not at all, and there are some people who don't use one, ever. But the concept of the significator is a useful one, for the simple reason that the Tarot deck is made up of archetypal energies, and together the 78 cards can deliver a deeply nuanced picture of the human psyche. Indeed, one of my most genuine and respected guides, Mary Greer, has written a very wonderful tome, Who Are You In The Tarot, which might be a great help to you in the signification process. But one must start somewhere, of course, and we're here now. So--today, let's ask the Universe a double-significator question. Who am I today? And--who might I need to be? For this draw, we're using only the Major Arcana, to simplify the process.

Who Am I Today, And What Does That Mean?

  The Chariot; Moving freely over the waves of change and flux and flow of my very complicated life, knowing there is danger behind me but also knowing I have the tools I need to escape it, and standing firmly balanced as I ride the waves of Fortune, knowing I can get where I need to go.

Who Might I Need To Become?