Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tarot Blog Hop: Celebrate the Sunrise

 Hello, Tarot People!! Your Tarot Witch is celebrating the Summer Solstice!
You probably got here from the blog of Christiane, which is also a part of the Litha 2012 Tarot Blog Hop. So, good morning!

Here is an image I captured last month (May) of the sun rising over the mountains where I live in Murray, Utah. For me, this photo captures the essence of the Summer Solstice. The sun is huge, coruscating, dancing in the morning air, and there is absolutely nothing else to look at in the entire sky. I thought deeply about this before I decided that "celebrate" the sunrise as a theme needed to concentrate more, for me, on the idea of "celebrating" than on the actual solstice itself. And so this posting will discuss the concept of Celebrate the Sunrise--not just on the Solstice, but each and every Sunrise of our lives.

Many of us wake up every day with "gotta" all over us--and for the rest of the day, we "should" on ourselves. Today, Litha 2012, let's make an effort to change that, not just for this day, but for the rest of our sunrises. My 93-year-old mother wakes up every single day with a smile on her face, when asked how she feels always says, "I feel wonderful", and coined, for me, a phrase I love: "It's a wonderful day already, because I woke up for it." At her age, you might say, yeah--but that works for you, too. As Pollyanna used to say, for every one of us, every morning, "It's a brand-new day, with no mistakes in it yet." And so, joy of living, joy upon waking, joy of the "great day in the morning", that's what I want to suggest as a theme for your Summer Solstice celebration this year. Here, at random, are three cards the God/dess has/have chosen to assist you in seeing your World that way, today, and every day--

We begin, and yes, this was a Random Draw, with the Father of Swords, Sky King himself, the Sun-God, Ra, from the Haindl Tarot. And the first thing that came to mind when I saw this card was an old chant we used to have in our community: "He is a Sun God, He is a Fun God, Ra! Ra! Ra!" And the thought came to me, of the simple idea of looking up into the sky when you wake up, and seeing the morning sun, and raising your glass, or your cup of coffee, or your open hand, and giving a cheer. It's morning. It's a new day. I can make of it what I Will. Hooray!!!

And next, again at random, I drew the Mother of Cups, also from the Haindl Tarot. She's the Venus of Willendorf, and she is the epic avatar of abundance and joy. She is the Mother of Abundance, and for this day, she is saying to you, "You will have all that you need and a bit extra. Celebrate! Drink deeply of Life today! I am with you and I will supply your needs, and even grant some of your wants and desires! Drink deep! My cup runneth over with Love--and Wine--for YOU!!"

And, can ya believe it?! I do these draws here on my computer, from a folder filled with cards from the Handl Tarot, the Tarot of the Old  Path, and three Mannini decks created by the SLC Pagan Community. The decks are labeled at random so that the cards are mixed up. And I draw with my eyes closed. And the third card here--is the Father of Cups, he who has the Runes, who waits to be enlightened, hanging on the windswept tree, awaiting his Cup to be filled. He is telling you, "Each and every moment of this day is important, and if you try to rush through each minute of it to the next minute, you're going to miss things. Slow down. Hang on the tree. Savor each and every Drop from the Cup. After all, it's YOUR day."

And so, here we are. Celebrate the Sunrise--each and every Sunrise--and enjoy every moment of every day. This day will never come again--and it is ALL YOURS!!

Hop on over now to the wonderful Tarot Taxi, to continue your journey...Beep! Beep!


  1. And what a beautiful day it's been so far! I went out early this morning into the woods near my home to watch the sun come up and I'll be out again at twilight. There was a little rain and some cloud cover but the woods were beautiful and I came home with a smile on my face :)

  2. This made me smile to see those fabulous cards. And that picture. I loved living in Murray for the very short time that I did!

  3. Lovely photo, and such a good way to see the world - find joy in every day! I laughed out loud at your first card, and that chant :D Thanks so much for sharing this!

  4. Okaaaay this is my third attempt to leave a comment - my computer is clearly acting up! We arrived at the same sentiment for the Solstice - which means that we are BOTH hugely intelligent women lol!

    That King of Swords is absolutely PERFECT!!!

    Ali x

  5. Hi Aisling,
    That's a gorgeous picture of the sun - it seems like the whole sky is filled by it. I especially liked what you said at the end: This day will never come again--and it is ALL YOURS!! :)

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