Monday, April 2, 2012

Ah, Death....

April 2, 2012: The Close (Death), Tarot Of The Old Path

This card will always make people pause and think if it is drawn. Most of us have something of an atavistic "gut reaction" to the concept of Death, which is instantaneous rejection coupled with the drop in the tummy and the inner "oh NOOOOOEEEESSS!" And so, today, as a daily draw on a day when I have huge things going on, yes, even your TarotWitch went AAAUUGGGHH....

I did immediately pick up the phone and notice we had a voice mail (the phone isn't turned on for the day yet) so I listened to it, and heard my mother's wonderful voice sounding quite healthy and happy, there was one sigh of relief. However, here's the card, still, in all its gloom and doom--yes, it's pretty--buuuuuttt.....And then, then, I really looked at the card. And I got better--

CHANGE. It means CHANGE. It means "death of the old, rebirth of the new" (see the baby in the corner waving goodbye to the old guy?) The heron standing in the stream is a long-held symbol of death and rebirth, as is the snowy owl floating along behind the Death figure. The primroses in the left-hand corner as well as the borage in the right corner are significant--the early spring emergence of primrose is "new life" while the constantly evolving nature of borage (stems, seeds, flowers and dead husks all on the plant at once) screams "Change Is Coming"....

And that couldn't be more apt for my day. Huge changes coming tonight in my Path, as well as some lesser changes in more mundane things. The card is a reminder to "ride the river" and know that whatever comes, it is supposed to be there, and that one cannot evolve without change. So--what are you supposed to willingly let "die" today, and how will you be "reborn"?

Do it. Quit the job, file for the divorce, sign the lease, enroll in the class, make the apology, take the chance, learn the lesson. You will always be reborn--but the past must be laid to rest first.

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